Scrivener On Screencasts Online

Don McAllister’s “Screencasts Online” podcast features 35 minutes of Scrivener how-to’s this week. Which one would assume Keith et al know, because they sponsored the podcast (and are offering 20% off to those who view it!)

I plan to watch the show when I have time, but if McAllister is true to form, it’ll be a must-see for new Scrivener users, and a great refresher for veterans. He’s very thorough. The first thing I do when I purchase new software is to see if SCO has covered it.

I assume that L&L will be imbedding the video on their site at some point in the future – most companies that receive the SCO treatment do – but in the meantime, you can find it here.

Note to KB: I put this in Tech Support because… I don’t know why, it just made sense. Please move it to wherever you think.

Yes, it will be going on the site soon! I’ve only had chance to watch half of it myself as yet, but will be watching the rest later - looks like he’s done a great job, though!

He always does.

I love that he goes from download to installation to product use in his screencasts. It may seem a little pedantic to some, but given the number of “My copy of ________ disappeared!” posts that always seem to crop up, it makes sense.

P.S. I like the way people from Liverpool say “Chunks.”

Excellent screencast.
Interesting: he shows just a small subset of the features, but explains them so well that if those were all that scrivener offered it would still be a superb application.
It’d be great if he could do an advanced features show.
Superb introduction or refresher for all ages.


It’s on the site!

I actually watched it and thought - I want that app to write in. So he did a great job. And now I wish someone else coded Scrivener so I could just use the wretched thing rather than spend all my time fixing bugs. :slight_smile:

I still need to watch the other half now - beer in hand, off I go…