Scrivener on second computer

I’ve just bought a cheap, clacky little G3 so I can cycle down to the library without fearing that I might break my precious main computer.

I’d like to put Scrivener on it, so I can write in the library, then transfer what I write each day to the main computer.

Is this possible? And do I need to buy a second licence to do it?

This is somewhere in the FAQ, but to summarize: Keith loves you. He lets you install scriv on all the systems that you own using just the one license. So no need to buy a second key.

Excellent! Thanks!

A further question. The clacky little computer arrived but doesn’t have a working screen, so I’ll have to send it back to America and get a replacement.

But meanwhile, I discover that it’s running MacOS9. I know it’s capable of running the early OS X - but where can I download or buy this?

The lowest version you can run and still use Scrivener is Tiger (10.4). You should be able to pick up a copy of this in the used market. Tiger is rated to run on some G3s (you can find the full specifications here, and it should actually be a bit faster than older versions which were less optimised.

I’ve searched and searched, but can’t find anywhere that sells operating systems online. Probably obvious, but I just haven’t been able to find them.

There’s also a free tool called XPostFacto, that helps you to install Mac OS X Tiger on certain unsupported systems.

eBay has 10.4 for sale.

Ah, thanks! Never thought of eBay.