Scrivener on the iPad?

I vaguely remember hearing something about development of a Scrivener app for iOS, but I didn’t pay much attention because I didn’t have an iOS device at the time. Now I do, though, and I’m curious to know if there’s been any more news about this. I did a quick search, but it doesn’t seem like aything’s been updated for a few months, since 2013. I’m probably missing something.

Also, my apologies if this is the wrong forum. Wasn’t sure where else to put it!

In short, yes, it’s in development but has taken us a lot longer than we had hoped owing to various factors.

That sounds great, Keith. Glad to hear it’s coming along!

If you ever need a beta tester for it – although I know that’s hard to do on iPads – keep me in mind!

I know it is not your policy to give specifics about an iOS-Version of Scrivener. But a lot of people are waiting for sooooo long now. Can you please be a little more precise? Are we talking about weeks or months?

Please do not post links to rival software that “borrows” heavily from Scrivener on the forums, thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Keith. Looking forward to trying this out on the iPad in 2015. Now, how do I get a mug? :smiley:

For all your drinking needs. :slight_smile:

I bought myself one of those Logitech Ipad Mini keyboards in preparation for the launch of the Scrivener IOS app at some time this year.

Have to say though, that using it (or trying to) has totally chilled me out about the launch of this.

It was horrible to use. Definitely couldn’t imagine doing it every day. The viewing angle was horrible. I am now fairly convinced that a smallish laptop is still the best bet with Scrivener. A Mac Air would probably be ideal 11 - 13 inches seems like a good size, but I would have to save up for that!

Using the keyboard cover logitech with the ipad mini has been an eye opener though. I seriously doubt I would want to do much writing on an ipad mini, even with scrivener. Not sure if I would feel different with an ipad air?

They are great for consumption. But I can’t say I like mine for doing any actual work on.

Anyone here do much writing on their Ipad at the moment?

Scrivener classic thong??? How many have been sold of those? :smiley:

I think the Mini is great to use as is, with no added hardware. I use it a lot and get lots of work done on it, but never really heavy duty work. I use it portrait orientation and type with my thumbs. Clearly, not something you want to do for many hours. But it’s so small that it’s really nice to bring with you pretty much anywhere.

With the iPad4 I also have, I use the Clam Case BT keyboard, and it’s like having a very small laptop. Productivity-wise, not very different from using my MBP 13". There is a Clam Case for the iPad Air too now.

I like the Mini for this too. At my desk I tend to write analogue notes, but in bed or on the bus I’ve found thumb-typing (using Drafts) for notes to be surprisingly efficient. I also sometimes simply dictate to the Mini - the dual mic set-up it has with the built-in Mac dictation is really pretty good.

Hi all!

Regarding the “writing on the iPad” question - I do basically all of my writing on my iPad 3 tucked into a Clamcase. I have fairly large hands but it still fits me well. It goes everywhere with me via a just big enough messenger bag and I write wherever I’m at.

HOWEVER - this was all intended to be part of a computer/iPad Scrivener setup. It has worked ok so far, but I started using a competitor’s software that does have similar features and an iPad app. So now I have a competitor’s program on my iPad, Scrivener on my computer, and a really clunky process of transferring back and forth which lends towards my ‘all iPad’ writing at the moment.

<requisite “where’s ipad version” comment>
I have to say, the iPad thing with Scrivener is frustrating to me mainly because I personally (and I expect most other folks) have exactly two requirements of Scrivener iPad:

  1. Sync with Scrivener Home (Window/Mac)
  2. Be able to create/update text. i.e. ‘Be able to write.’
    I would prefer to do most organizing and other features on the desktop and leave the expansion of features for v2 or later, if I could just write while mobile without having to use goofy workarounds and other software.
    </requisite “where’s ipad version” comment>

Ok, now that I got that out, I really do enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of using the ipad. I don’t have to write and then rewrite it into the computer, it is easy to take anywhere, and if I do need to look something up I can easily do so from there. It is lightweight and stores everything at once. Wouldn’t be able to do it without the Clamcase though. I got the pro and love it.

EDIT: Just backed up enough to see and read the extended post regarding release in 2015. All I can say is “fair enough - software takes time”, and “more frequent updates will forestall most grumblings.” So cool and thanks!

Anyway, take care all!

One more thing on this subject. I mentioned I use an iPad3 with the Clamcase. You can get a 3, which is still a pretty powerful machine, for as low as $150 used (granted average is more like $225 but still). Check Newegg and Amazon.