Scrivener on the iPhone?

Ha, Ha! Sorry. Just had to see that headline on the wish list. The hype over the iPhone is remarkable. Even my Windows friends know all about it. I realize that many Scrivener users live in Europe and won’t have a chance to purchase an iPhone until later in the year, even if they are interested. For me to buy an iPhone, I would have to fork over $200 to T-Mobile to get out of my current contract, which lasts another 18 months. I am a big Apple fan and would like to own an iPhone.

According to the 20-minute instruction clip available on, apparently iPhone users will be able to read Word docs. So, it’s not that farfetched to say that you could access your Scrivener writing via the iPhone, providing you exported the writing to a Word file or maybe rtf file first. I can’t think of a single instance where I would have to do something like that, but, what the hell, you never know.

Microsoft isn’t taking the introduction of the iPhone sitting down. No sir, Microsoft beat Apple to the punch by introducing its new surface technology called Microsoft Surface. Apparently Microsoft placed five infrared cameras in the bottom of a tub and attached a screen across the top of the tub. The cameras detect movement on the screen. The size of a coffee table, this new Mircosoft product sells for $10,000. Here is a link to a video demonstration (parody) of the new Microsoft Surface:


Funny demo! Thanks.

Hiya Alexandria

Are you going to get an i Phone?
Ive got one. But its only two life size pictures stuck one on either side of a thick piece of card. I walk round the village pretending to talk into it.
Im the only guy in UK with one . Im just a cool dude

Serious question for you. Have you heard Vide Cor Meum by Patrick Jenkins, from the movie Hannibal. Lyrics from Dantes La Vita Nuova`.

It has to be the most hauntingly beautiful love song Ive ever heard. Ive sent of to Amazon for La Vita Nuova. Ive got two recordings of the song, soundtrack and Katherine Jenkins version.

Take care

Lol. :slight_smile: Funny question. Firstly, I’m based in Europe, where the iPhone hasn’t even got a provider yet, so the chances of me seeing an iPhone any time soon are slim anyway. And secondly, I believe all iPhone apps have to be created as web applications, not Cocoa applications, so that scuppers Scrivener even if I was thinking about it. Which I wasn’t. :slight_smile:


Hey Vic,

I will likely own an iPhone someday, but I’ll likely wait till they get the kinks out. Give it a few months. I’ll also have to change providers, which I am reluctant to do right away, since it will cost and I like the one I have (and dislike the one I’d have to use). I have a Treo now which suffices for the time being, but unless the iPhone really bombs and doesn’t do all Apple says it can do, I’ll own one at some point.

I could, ah, I guess, try your solution if I do decide to wait…

Yes, I also own ‘Vide Cor Meum.’ Just the one from the movie. From what I understand, it is loosely based on Dante’s ‘La Vita Nuova,’ but the lyrics are not literally taken from the sonnet it refers to (in chapter 3 I believe) and were somewhat rearranged. I believe it was written by Patrick ‘Cassidy’? I’m sure you know that but I think you mixed up last names, eh?

You are right, very lovely song. The kind that tightens up the throat and makes the eyes go misty. But the line that says something like “of this burning heart, your heart eats,” well, in a movie like Hannibal, it kind of takes on another dimension, doesn’t it?..


PS, I’ll bet you know this, but there are several videos on YouTube that show the snippet from Hannibal as well as other videos using this song.

Good morning Alexandria,
Youre the inspiration that thisamateur turns up for. As always, your spot on. I was mixing up Patrick Cassidy withCarl Jenkins probably. No comparison really, but I do like Jenkins, hes easy background listening,
Vide Cor Meum on the other hand, I play repeatedly, 3/4 times before Im sated. And I cant think logically while it`s playing, as it was when I posted.

Dantes works are just something else Im coming to, too late in life, like a lot of other thing, Im discovering. Ive sent off for La Vita Nuova, so Ill start with that.

I didnt know about You Tube`, but! I shall investigate. Grazie!

Saluto La Nuova Letteraria

Take care

Or Katherine Jenkins, who you mentioned in the next paragraph? Or both? (or neither, or…you get the idea!!)

Sounds so lovely in Italian! La Nuova Letterata could work as well. I also took Italian a long while ago, in another life. Wrote a lot on Dante during college, especially loved the Inferno. Even wrote a ‘faux Inferno’ (a parody) in French class. Very fun.

Oh, I’m way off topic…again! So sorry to all. Or should I say ‘mi dispiace!’


Buona sera, Alexandria,
`Tis probably the one and only arena, where my talent outshines yours: my hopeless inability to keep to the script; obey the rules; toe the line; stay on topic, etc.etc.

Youll notice that, the topic was changed six posts back by a Master, me! If youve read my very first post Greetings, youll have noticed how skillfully I move the action, from off the High Seas and into The Corridors of Power, it really is a gift. So you were on topic, and more to the point, a much more romantic topic than mobile phones to boot!!

Anyway you dont have to stay on topic, sia appena la

Another skillful digression! Im about to Commission Scrivenerand start my first assignment on my writing course; to set out and seek my firstrejection slip. I love that full screen mode!! Its dead kinky!!

Once I go in there, I may never come out. It`s like walking through an unmarked, but beckoning half open doorway, at a a wierd surealist fairground and finding yourself in a tottal blackout, except for a wall of shimmering white, that emits no light and upon which words magically or miraculously appear .

Su e loro!!

Buono notte e sogni dolci Alexandria,
Di ciao