Scrivener on two computers

I’m probably looking the answer in the face (tho I searched the boards and haven’t found it yet). Have installed Scrivener on both the desktop and laptop. Step 3 of the “transfer settings” directions says ‘Move the file to your second computer using whatever method you prefer’. What file? My preferences file? The manuscript file? Some other file?
The next step says to copy the Scrivener folder from the LIbrary/Application Support folder to the second machine. I can find neither of those folders.
Are these perhaps Mac directions that have been just copied over? I was able to find the General Application Preferences, though it was under Tools and Options, rather than the Cmd key, which I know is for Mac.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to get anything to move over to the laptop yet.
Suggestions? I’m really looking foward to trying this out, but would prefer to have both machines running it for the sake of convenience and power outage readiness.

Definitely Mac instructions; if you let me know where you got them from, I’ll check to get stuff updated with Windows info. (We’re working on building an updated knowledge base for Mac 2.0 and the Windows versions, so maybe this is an old FAQ page you’re looking at?) To transfer your preference settings from one machine to another on Windows:

  1. On the first computer, which has the global Scrivener preferences (those in Tools > Options…) set the way you want them, save a preference file by clicking the “Manage” button in Tools > Options… and choosing “Save Preferences…”. This will be a .prefs file.

  2. Copy that file from wherever you saved it and transfer it to your second machine–you can do this by emailing the file, putting it in Dropbox, sticking it on a USB drive, etc.

  3. On the second machine, go to Tools > Options… in Scrivener and choose “Load Preferences…” from the “Manage” options, then select that .prefs file you just transferred. All the settings for this global Options window will be replicated now on the second computer.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I got the instructions off the Wiki, under the “I want to use Scrivener on a second computer. . .” post. … nformation

I’ll try the instructions you posted and see if that helps. Really appreciate the response, and from just what little I did with the trial version, this looks like a great product.