Scrivener on two machines


I’m considering Scrivener.

Would like to use it on two computers; my laptop for when I’m writing on the road, and my desktop for writing at home.

Is there a preferred approach to keeping Scrivener content on both machines in sync?

In other words, Scrivener additions and edits made on the road while traveling with my laptop should also appear in Scrivener on my desktop Mac when I get back home. And vice-versa; additions/changes made on my desktop at home should flow to my laptop, ready for when I hit the road and write.

Possible? Within Scrivener?

Thanx a bunch…


I’ve just got Dropbox, which is working a treat, synching via the web site between two laptops like magic. It’s private beta - got an invite from Antony Johnston, so now I’ve got 10 invitations. If you want one let me know at jennydiski AT googlemail DOT com

Dear Brad

You have a Dropbox folder in finder with whatever folders/files you want to sync (say a Scriv project) work on the file, and next time you open the other computer it automatically syncs whatever had changed in the Dropbox file. Seems to work really well. Hope it does for you.

BUT I just tried to send the above as an email, and it got bounced back to me. Let me have your email address and I’ll send you the invite.


If you have a .mac account, you can use your idisk to keep things in sync.

Yeah, there’s no built-in functionality in Scrivener (although it is compatible with version control systems), so the best option is to use something like iDisk or DropBox.

Hey Jenny, I just tried Dropbox (with the great help of your invite!) but it’s not updating my Scrivener files. Changes only stay on their respective machines. It is working as promised for TextEdit and Word files, etc., just not the Scriv files. Any idea why this might be? Thanks for your help!


It seems to work for me. You have to have both machines linked at the web site and then it just does it. Maybe other people here have some idea.


I’ve been using Scrivener on my laptop (Tiger) and have now bought an iMac (Leopard). I want to move all my Scrivener stuff to the iMac - how can I do that? I’ve installed Scrivener on the iMac but don’t know which folders to copy from the laptop. I’m planning to use a memory stick to copy the folders.

You just need to copy all the .scriv files you created (when you create a new project, you choose where to save it - the Documents directory by default).
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so simple! Thanks a lot.

What is Dropbox? Does it work any better than Mobileme iDisk for that purpose? There are several people here who can give you a Beta invitation, if you ask.

Don’t know - not tried it. Dropbox is very straightforward.


Thanks, I gave them my email. Il will see what happens.

Found an old post here on that subject with very useful advices

What about using the same .scriv file from 2 computers via a firewire or an ethernet network :question:

Even with Scrivener open on both computers… If you write a new file on one, this file will be “auto generate” on the other one when you try to create a new file. Not too shabby.


However . . . don’t ever do that! It is a recipe for a colossal mess. It may work once but after that you’re in for deep trouble because of all the procedures that Scrivener executes on files in the background. Don’t ever open the same Scrivener file on two or more machines at the same time. Period.


Ok, thanks!

I can’t help but to try…

Sorry, what’s the question exactly?

Will using Scrivener from two computers simultaneously on a sharing network will eventually damage the Scrivener library?

Oops, sorry, it seems I was having a bit of a “blond” day (I’m sort of blond so I can say that) when I replied to this, in that I looked at page two of this thread and took your reply to other users’ posts as a question. Sorry about that, I should have looked at the rest.

Anyway… Definitely don’t try having the same .scriv file open on two computers at the same time. This will definitely ruin the internal library and cause data loss of the binder list, and possibly worse. The next version will warn you about this, but for now avoid it - just make sure that the project is closed on one computer before opening it on another. Even better, just use your network or shared drive for backups and run the project from the local hard drive.

Hope that helps.

Thanks! I did not had much problems, but I will do as you say… 8)