scrivener on two screens

Apologies if this is elsewhere, and I’ll also post this in the tips and tricks forum but…

I tend to use Scriv on two screens - one on my MacBook, and one plugged into my MacBook. Is there any way to use the separate screen in fullscreen mode and the the MacBook screen with the normal Scriv window?

Or, if not, can I spawn a separate window (as you can in Firefox and iTunes) so I can split Scriv over two screens?

In the full screen preferences, choose not to hide the main window in full screen - you can then have it open in the other window. Note, however, that owing to synchronisation issues, if you click on the main window and try to do any work in it, full screen will close, so the main window can only be used for reference.

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Cheers Keith.

For the benefit of anyone else trying to do this - drag the normal Scriv window to the screen you want it to be on (IE not the screen you want to use for Full Screen) before you invoke Full Screen.

You can scroll and move to different documents in the binder in the normal Scriv window without any problems, I’ve found.