scrivener on ubuntu 12...on android tablet??


I’ve not used linux before, so not sure if I’m asking a silly question here or not…
I have a galaxy note 10.1 tablet and discovered that I can get linux running on it using the complete linux on android app. This seems to be working smoothly, and I have installed ubuntu 12. The sole purpose of this experiment was to see if I can install scrivener and use it on the tablet, but it’s not happening. The deb file is recognised in the ubuntu software manager but has an error message: wrong architecture ‘i386’ . I’ve tried to work out the code to try the .tar file but am not having much luck.

Am I trying to do something that is, basically, impossible? Or is there a way to install scrivener in this situation? I can try other linux distros as per the app’s capabilities, but feel a bit clueless right now! If anyone can shed some light I’d greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks,


Am I possibly right in thinking I need an ARM version of scrivener to install? Does anyone know if that might solve the problem, or if such a version exists/if not, how it can be compiled?

Yep, x86 and ARM processors work differently and thus a program that runs on an ARM processor will not work on an x86 processor.

That being said you might want to look into WINE for ARM processors, last I heard they were working at getting x86 apps to work on ARM devices. Theoretically you might be able to get the windows version working that way assuming that they’ve been successful. Even then I wouldn’t hold my breathe were I you, seeing as tablets do not have near the processing power of modern PCs. Even if you did somehow manage to get it working I very much doubt it would run very quickly or very well.

EDIT: This may be of some help