Scrivener on USB: suggestion for a solution


I see many users are interested in use scrivener on USB flash drive.
I’m also interested in Scrivener on USB and I tried this solutions that works but only with scrivener in trial mode.

I bought Ceedo (a virtualization desktop software that cost a few dollars) and installed it on my flash drive.
Than I bought a license of scrivener and installed it on the Ceedo-usb flash drive and Scrivener works (the only problem is that Scrivener it is very slow to load).
Than I try to register the copy of scrivener with my license but the problem is that scrivener doesn’t register on the USB flash drive (as well as many other programs do) but on the computer.
At this point the copy of scrivener on usb is always in trial mode…

I think that if you find a solution to this problem you can also resolve the problem of usb-flash drive.