Scrivener only in English after Update

Hello to everybody

And thanks for this wonderful software

After an update today for the last version, I can not have Scrivener in another langage than english, : I go to tools, options, then I try to have it in french, but, even after restart, it is still in english. I have tried to have it in another langage than in french, and I’ve got the same problem.

Thanks for any answer or solution.

I don’t think scrivener translations are already implemented; this is a work in progress.
Soon… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. In fact, before the update, I was able to have a lot of toolbars and functionnality which appears in french, as you can see this screenshot on my blog :

I can work with in english, but for a lot of my students here, it will be a problem for them, as a local version is more easy to understand for the beginners.

I had the same problem today updating to Before I use italian language but now only english is usable. So the question is not if any other language is full implemented or not, after updating the language option is out of service, THIS is the question.

In \scrivener\translations directory there are 22 differents language, I think to be used.

Sorry guys, we’re taking a look at this and will hopefully have an update available shortly to correct this. If you want to revert in the meanwhile, the 1.5.7 version can be downloaded from here.

The patch that fixes this issue with localisation not sticking has been uploaded. Use the Help menu to grab the fix, and thanks for the quick report, everyone!

Patch downloaded and problem solved. Super fast job ! Thanks and greetings from Tuscany, Italy