Scrivener "open" but not responding

Scrivener appears to be open in the dock, therefore not letting me restart my computer or remove and reinstall the app. However, when I right-click and try to open it from the Applications folder, there’s a message pop up that says “The application ‘Scrivener’ is not open anymore.” When I click on a project, a message pops up that says: “You can’t open the application ‘Scrivener’ because it is not responding.” Even force-quit won’t work. This has been going on for like 3 days, unfortunately I don’t remember what started it. I’m wondering if I should duplicate the app, but it might not respond to that either.

My computer is macOS high sierra and I have Scrivener version 3.1.3.

Well it’s a bit brute force, but there may be a way of restarting the computer that bypassing the “front end” of your Mac entirely. I would strongly recommend closing all software before doing this, as it is a hard reboot. Nothing will be asked to close and save its work, the system will ideally just immediately shut down at a level beneath all of the graphical stuff we commonly associate with being “the Mac”.

  1. From Finder, use the Go ▸ Utilities menu command.
  2. Double-click on Terminal.
  3. Type in the following command:
sudo shutdown -r now
  1. Type in your password when requested.

If even that doesn’t work, then try the method of holding down the power button for about ten seconds, or until the screen goes black. That’s a supposedly hardware level action to shut the power off rather than sending any messages to the operating system to request a shutdown.

Either way, when you restart you may see a dialogue stating the computer was not cleanly shut down, and whether you would like to restore your previous session. Obviously, no is the correct answer here. :slight_smile: Hopefully that works, and you can get in and delete Scrivener and reinstall it from a fresh download.

It’s working fine now. Thanks for your help!