Scrivener opening blank

I recently got a new computer so I installed Scrivener on it and copied my current Scrivener files onto the new computer as well. However when I opened one of them it opened with all of the pages completely blank. The folders and pages are still there and have the correct titles but there is no text at all when I open them. Is there anyway of retrieving my work? :cry:

A Scrivener project consists of a folder (name ending in .scriv) that contains multiple subfolders and files.

Did you copy the entire .scriv folder for each project, or just the .scrivx index file from inside the folder?

I copied the entire folder.

Hmmm. How did you copy from the old computer to the new? As a folder containing multiple subfolders and files, or as a single compressed (.zip) file? Via disk, USB drive, email, cloud (DropBox, iCloud, etc.), etc.?

Regardless, hopefully you still have access to the old computer or backup copies that reside somewhere other than the old computer, that you can try recovering from.

There are probably other folks here, and certainly at Literature & Latte, who can advise you on this better than I.

The additional I have to offer follows. Use at your own risk. Be sure to make a copy of the project .scriv folder and only mess with the copy, for safety sake.

Absolute worst case, use Windows file explorer to make a copy of the problematic project’s .scriv folder, then try the following two approaches.

  • Using Windows file explorer, navigate down into the copy’s Files\Docs subfolder and try opening (double clicking) on some of the .rtf files to see if they exist and contain any text (by default they should open in WordPad). If they don’t exist, the whole project didn’t get copied over. If they exist and contain text, then the project’s .scrivx index file may be corrupted. One could laboriously collect text out of the individual .rtf files. Before you do that, you may want to try the following.

  • Alternately, again using Windows file explorer, a level up in the project, in the Files subfolder, there is a file named search.indexes that contains, in XML format, both the project tree and text. To be easily readable, it needs to be opened in an XML capable editor. I use UltraEdit, for which a free fully featured time limited evaluation version is available. There are others, some commercial, some free.
    Also, in the project’s .scrivv folder itself, the project binder (hierarchy, titles, links to individual .rtf document files, etc.) exists as another XML file, named after the project, name ending in .scrivx.

Hope that is of some assistance.

I know this question is old but I figured I would add my input in case anyone else was having the same problem. It took me over an hour but I finally figured out why it was showing up blank on my new computer. Right click your Scriv file, select “properties,” then at the very bottom it will say: “Security: This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer” click the square box that has the words “unblock” next to it. Wala. Now open the file on your scrivener software and all of your work will now show up.

I’m literally having this problem. I hadn’t opened this Scrivener file since 2017 and it’s blank. I have the folders and files in the Scrivener document but there is no text at all.

I tried the fix from the post above but there was no unblock to do.

Any ideas?