Scrivener opens but crashes

Having trouble opening Scrivener. Supposed to be the latest version from the Mac App Store running on Mac OSX 10.9. I have no clue what might have been the cause but one day a few days ago, I tried to open Scrivener (which is set to reopen the last project) and the project opens but as soon as I click on any choice, it crashes and tells me so and next time I open it, I get the crash reporter window. I have sent the crash report. I have tried right-clicking on another project under the app icon and the other project opens, but I get the same crash result. I have deleted the app and emptied the trash and reinstalled from the app store with no difference in result. I have attached the crash report.

Thanks, Jim Blanchard
Scrivener crash report.txt (634 KB)

It’s fixed!
Closed all apps and cold booted the computer. Scrivener reminded me that it crashed last time, but is now operating fine. One curiosity, though: why did it remember recent projects after deleting and reinstalling the app? Apparently, not everything gets deleted when you delete the app. Any clues how to do that without resorting to a third-party uninstaller app?

go to your user account, Library, Application Support and you will find a Scrivener folder with logs backups and so forth. AmberV spoke in error: this is one folder Scrivener creates on the Mac outside the Applications folder where the program files reside.