Scrivener Owners Manual for Mac Help Please

Good Day Everyone, I wish to read the owners manual for Scrivener before I purchase it. I downloaded it but found that I needed Scrivener on my machine to open it. Can anyone tell me how to open and read the manual before purchase?
Thank you very much.


You can download a 30 day trial version of Scrivener from here:

Or you can download the `manual as a pdf file from:

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Thanks for your interest in Scrivener. You only need Scrivener to open the manual if you downloaded it in Scrivener format. Instead, you want to download the PDF version. To do so:

  1. Go to this page: … ser-guides

  1. Under “Scrivener User Manual” on the left, click “SELECT FORMAT”.

  2. Choose the macOS / PDF format.

  3. Click the red button with the arrow on it next to the format chooser to download.

You can then read the manual in Preview app or any other PDF viewer on your Mac.

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Thank you, Keith and Ray, your links provided the mac .pdf manual whereas the first manual download area I visited, did not. Thank you and now I can begin the learning curve!

Hi Lyd,

Welcome to Scrivener,

Just to say that the Manual is more in the nature of a reference book, rather than a guide to be read from start to finish. Personally, I think that it’s an amazing piece of work, but it is long and detailed. I agree with Ray above that an as-good or better introduction to Scrivener is to download and try out the software (free for 30 days). Having downloaded it, I strongly recommend going through the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu) as the next step - and, if stumped by anything, you can always ask questions in these forums.