Scrivener, pandoc and breaks in paragraphs

Hi, I hope someone can help me out of a problem I have struggled with. I use Scrivener to write scientific articles and use pandoc to process the output to docx. I have managed to set up my own compile format to process all references I have in a .bib file (they are in markdown format). All works great but for one problem: The line shifts in ordinary text paragraphs end up as spaces. I have tried the -f markdown+hard_line_breaks but that does not the job as I want. In the docx file the line breaks end up as something else than what I get when I use the return key in word. They are marked with as a return arrow, but I want line breaks marked as the pi sign (are they called hard and soft?). The reason for this need is that the articles are required to be in docx with each first line indented. The breaks I get does not indent the line as I get when I insert a line break directly in Word. Has anyone the solution?

Use two returns between paragraphs in Scrivener to make a fully blank line as recommended by the Pandoc manual:

Thanks a lot. I read that too and tried it, but in my docx files they ended up as soft breaks. For soft breaks I cannot set up a style that indent the first line (as required by the receiver). For now I have solved the problem in Word and replaced all soft breaks with hard breaks. That is a solution, but I would be happy to do as little as possible in Word after a compile.

Can you create an example project which reproduces this problem, zip it up and attach it here so we can work out what is going wrong. The only thing I can think of is some setting in Replacements?