Scrivener Plug-in(s) for Citation Management


I have read some forum posts in which integration with existing bibliography/citation managers is discussed, so I have looked into some of them. Unfortunately, none of them is as gratuitous, intuitive or forgiving as Scrivener, so I had a thought.

Knowing that one of your primary motives is to keep Scrivener well outside the bloatware category, have you considered the possibility of a proprietary plug-in architecture with which you (or other developers) could add such “modules” for the extra functionality, perhaps for additional purchase? Austin Meyer’s truly excellent X-Plane has a robust architecture that has opened a world of new features to a highly-focused application. Similarly, professional audio apps like ProTools have a plethora of features available thanks to the efforts of a substantial third-party developer community.

I realize that a bibliography/citation manager could be an entire application unto itself, but paired with the near-perfect tool that Scrivener is, perhaps some third-party development efforts might allow for an equivalent, as-near-perfect plug-in for just such a feature set.

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P.S. Your software is teh awesomes.

You might want to look at this thread that discusses plugins: “Python Scripting Feature Request”, especially: [url]].