Scrivener Preferences

Thanks to a dodgy update from Apple I’m now going to have to wipe my hard drive and reinstall Leopard from scratch. While trying to backup as much as possible I suddenly wondered if my Scrivener preferences are saved in my scriv doc or in a preferences document somewhere? Any way I can assure when I reinstall Scrivener it’ll be the same as when I last used it? :unamused:

There are options to load and save preferences in the “Manage…” drop-down menu at the botttom of the General Preferences dialog box. I think a few other settings, like the exact way Full Screen mode presents itself per document, are stored in the projects themselves. Finally, you might want to copy your system-wide text styles from the Ruler, if you have created any – have a look here:

Thanks Jebni, Will try that. Fingers crossed when I do the dirty deed tomorrow all will be well. :unamused:

Reinstalled and, unlike some other applications, Scrivener was a breeze to get up and running again. The only anomaly was my .scriv document being four days prior to my last save. Having read up on the cause of my computer’s problems, the apple update I had installed had partially been intended to cure some Time Machine errors but then made the situation worse so I’m putting that down to the computer being totally screwy. It wasn’t a problem anyway since I’m a regular exporter to zip format and that file was fine.

So, as desired, Scrivener was exactly the same as I’d left it before totally erasing and reinstalling my system. Thanks Jebni for the quick response and Keith for such a well thought out and excellent program. :mrgreen: