Scrivener Pro for IOS

I have scrivener for my Mac and the regular and pro versions. When attempting to open any work from Dropbox in Scriviner Pro I can import the files into the app but the have the circle with the line through them. I have linked and unlinked Dropbox, ensure that I’ve saved the files in multiple spots however nothing is allowing me to use either Scrivener apps I’ve purchased. It is completely frustrating and I only purchased the apps to ensure I didn’t have to keep my laptop with me. Any ideas to fix the problems?


There is no “Scrivener Pro” version. There is only “Scrivener”. The screenshot you have posted is not of Scrivener, but of an app called “Scrivo Pro” which has nothing to do with us - “Scrivo Pro” is developed by a company called Kairoos Solutions. So you will need to get in touch with them if you need help with Scrivo Pro. (We cannot stop other companies releasing software that works with Scrivener projects, of course, and as they do not use “Scrivener” exactly in their app name, we unfortunately have no way of preventing the confusion this may cause for some users).

I recommend you use our own app, Scrivener for iOS, to sync with Scrivener for macOS rather than Scrivo Pro.

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What is Scrivener Pro? I have Scrivener for Mac and for iOS. I save my entire Scrivener project, not individual files or folders, on my Mac in the chosen Dropbox folder and it shows up in Scrivener on my iPad Pro provided I have linked it to Dropbox. Is there another way?

EDIT: I saw now that Keith has already addressed the question

I have the regular Scrivener app and t doesn’t work either.

Sorry for the confusion with the other app. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t affiliated.

What problem are you having with Scrivener for iOS? (That doesn’t have any icons with lines through them, so I am confused there.) Be sure to place any projects you want to sync to our iOS version into the Dropbox folder you chose when setting up sync (e.g. /Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener) and then they should appear on your iOS device when you hit sync.

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This is what my files look like when I attempt to pull them down into the app.

That’s not Scrivener for iOS either. Our project screen on an iPhone looks like this:

Ioa, your image did not get attached to the previous post, or at least I’m unable to see it and there’s no link on the word “image”.

Odd, it’s showing up for me, but I added it as a link to the web (well, to a folder on our site) rather than an attachment. Here is a direct link.

I expect the underlying issue is that Scrivo Pro (not a Literature & Latte project) can’t read the Scrivener 3 project format. That is something you’ll have to sort out with them.


After much trial and error I think I’ve finally got it. Thank you all for your help!