Scrivener Problem

My computer randomly closed all applications recently. It was acting funny so I decided to restart my computer. When I tried opening up my programs some of them failed to open up. Scrivener being one of them. Is there a way I can re-download my application? I bought mines in the app store.

If you bought it from the App Store, you should be able to just open the App Store application, choose “Purchased” and re-download. You might have to delete the current version from your Applications folder first.

But before you do that, I’d try moving your preferences file out of the library and restarting Scrivener. It may be that the preferences file has got corrupted as a result of what happened. That would stop it opening.

Amber, MM or Keith might come in and give you more specific advice, though.


Hi oah86578,

Do you get any error messages when trying to open Scrivener? If so, could you copy and paste the text of that here?

If you haven’t changed the default settings on Scrivener, it’s probably also trying to load your most recent project on launch, and that might be what’s causing the problem. You could try moving your project file to another location (e.g. drag it from your Documents folder to your desktop) and then opening Scrivener to see if that cures it.

It’s very unusual that something will corrupt an application itself and necessitate a re-install, though with the App Store in the mix, this is more common from what I’ve seen. However in all cases that I’ve seen, if you need to re-install, you’ll get a message from your OS about the program needing repair and to re-install it with the MAS software.

So the tip above on moving your last working project is the best and first thing to try.

I wouldn’t dismiss that something on your computer itself needs to be looked in to. You say that multiple applications are acting this way. Is there a pattern to which applications are not opening? Are they all programs you have purchased from the App Store, for instance? Or are they all programs that were open when you computer crashed? It could be the root problem is elsewhere and troubleshooting Scrivener by itself will be the proverbial bandaid.

I have it again. I tried what xiamenese proposed and it worked. I was originally afraid of uninstalling the program because I was afraid of the app store charging me for re-downloading it. But I did so anyways and It worked!
I appreciate the quick and very helpful comments from the three of you. Thanks!
Best regards.