Scrivener Problem


I have Scrivener installed on my Mac. I just love the software and I am writing a novel on it. It is the best writing software I know.

But since some days ago, I don’t know what happened, but when I add a commentary to the text, the name that apear on the box is not my name. I don’t know why.

My name is Jose Gaspar, but the name on comments is Adriana Lima, who is my friend. But it is not me. hehe

The same problems happens on all projects I have and in new ones also.

Attached some pictures of the problem.

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This thread might help:

Hi Gaspar,

After reading your previous post about not receiving replies from us via email, and then seeing this, I checked our support system, searching for the words that you have used in your question. It turns out that I replied to your first email message on 19th January, and to your second (with the same response) on 27th January. The text of my reply was as follows…

This information is picked up automatically from the personal contact information for the user account on your Mac, so you can change it in Contacts or Address Book (depending on which version of Mac OS X you are using). The details on the “My Card” entry are the ones that are used by Scrivener, and it sounds as though “My Card” is currently set to the card corresponding to your friend’s details.

To change this, you first need to create a contact card in Contacts for your own name. There are then two options for telling Scrivener to pick up that information, so you can do either of the following:

  • Nominate your own contact card as “My Card” instead of the current setting.

  • Add the text “(Scrivener:UseMe)”, somewhere in the “Note” area of your own contact card.

You can also set the author name (as well as details such as project title) by selecting Project > Meta-Data Settings… then going to the Project Properties tab. This shows the placeholder tag next to the entry field, so you can see what property you are setting. You can read more about project properties in section 10.4 of the user manual (available via Help > Scrivener Manual). In particular, please note the point that this section makes about the need to manually edit contact details if the template that you are using incorporated the contact information as text when the project was created – if that is the case for your project, just locate the appropriate document in your binder, and change the details as required.

Thank you for your interest in Scrivener.


It just solved the problem! It was the card in Contacts. It was picking the first name in the contacts.
Thank you so much, Astrid!
I don’t know why I didn’t receive your response to my first e-mail. I looked at spam folder and it was not there. But it is ok. From now on I will use this forum if I have some issue.
Thank you again. :slight_smile:

Glad you got it all sorted. And welcome to the forum!

Feel free to talk to us all, even when you don’t have any issues! :smiley:

I had the same problem (among many others that I will post about as I figure enough of what I am doing to describe them). I tried several things including the (Scrivener:UseMe) “fix”. It didn’t work. I kept getting my cousin’s info instead. I remember when I first set up Address Book, the first card I set up was my cousin’s. So, it finally dawned on me to delete his card. Then I opened an new project that used the meta-data and sure enough, my data was there. It was correct even when I restored my cousin’s VCard to Address Book. So another work around to try. — JC