Scrivener problems with screenplay when working in full screen mode

I’m a new user, so it’s possible this is from my ignorance, but …

Let’s say I’m editing a scene, in screenplay mode. The cursor is right here:

I enter full screen mode. I move the cursor down here to add a new character and a new line of dialogue:

I press Ctrl+\ to bring up the pop-up menu. Then I hit C to format the line to character. Two things happen that are interesting. First, the formatting is applied in the wrong place. It’s applied back where the cursor was before I entered full screen mode. Also, notice that the menu doesn’t close. Rather, it stays open but moves a bit across the screen.

Now, I hit C again and, this time, it applies the formatting to the correct line and the menu closes.

Surely this isn’t correct?

Is there a way to assign screenplay formatting to a hotkey and avoid the pop-up menu altogether?