Scrivener program freezing

Scrivener is completely frozen. Slow to open, then grayed out screen with (Not Responding)
I’ve closed it down and re-open several times but it’s still stuck.
When this happened I had clicked on a large folder with 206 docs in it. I’ve had problems with larger folders (over 400 docs) opening before but in time it always did.
I am not able to function inside the program at all, so I’m at a loss and a little panicked about losing my work.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I was having this issue (or something close). Try right-clicking the Scrivener icon on your desktop and selecting “Troubleshoot Compatibility”. When that launches, select the first option (which I think was the recommended settings one). That launched it for me

Wow, thanks for letting me know about this. I had no idea that was available.

I did figure something out that worked for me however.
In the Tools Section, under General, there is a setting for saving your project which by default is really low, like every 2-3 seconds. I changed it to 40 seconds and that seemed to do the trick. When I use the search window and the program has to claw its way through hundreds of documents, its trying to Save seemed to be getting in the way resulting in freezing and many times just shutting down. My program is running much faster now.

Thanks for your reply

Please anyone help me, my scrivener is frozen at my PHD TESIS, it has been abou 2 weeks now, I need to solve it but I have no clue what to do because none of the buttons on the Scrivener works anymore. Please anyone help me!

Have you opened a support ticket?

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