Scrivener project file for 1.7 manual

Will the updated Scrivener project file for the new version of the manual be made available on the support page?

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It will soon, I just wanted to touch up a few last minute fixes before uploading the project.

While you are at it, I found a couple of Mac only things that the manual for Windows declares to support and I think it doesn’t:

  • In outliner view, the synopsis are not displayed below the title (as the manual says), but on another column.
  • In outliner view, attempting to sort by clicking on a column does nothing on the Windows version.

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Where are these two references? Just a page number is fine.

Page 88: Outliner: will be placed beneath the title (which appears in bold), by default.

Page 92: As each field can be added to the outliner as a column, that means you can sort by their values.

Interestingly enough, finding the page numbers was not straightforward. Some pages have it centered at the bottom, others at the top, alternating sides :mrgreen:

Yeah originally we meant to have a printed copy as well as a digital version, but that never became a reality and there are still some print-centric things about the PDF design left over as a result. We probably don’t need so much margin area either. :slight_smile: Stuff for the future.

Thanks for the refs! These will be fixed.

Or better yet, include those features on the Windows version and you won’t have to fix the manual :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Okay, it’s up!

It’s weird, opening the project and trying to use Scrivenings mode it gives me an error and asks to reboot the PC…
Load error.JPG

Hmm, it looks like the XML schema is incremented in some of the files (2601 among them) and that is what is causing errors. They are set to version 1.5, whereas 1.0 is the current standard on both platforms. This may be because I was using some experimental Mac 2.5 builds last summer. I’ll have to check and see if there is any reason why I couldn’t batch alter these files back to “1.0”—but in the meanwhile you could fix this yourself (without any negative consequences that I can see after a quick test) by editing the following files:

  • 1638.links
  • 1639.links
  • 1964.links
  • 2595.links
  • 2596.links
  • 2601.links

The second line (in an editor that shows UNIX text files properly) will be:

<Links Version="1.5">

This should instead be:

<Links Version="1.0">

Fix those six files and you’ll have no problems with this error.

This poor project. :slight_smile: It has been around since Scrivener 1.5, early 2009, and has been subjected to all manner of alpha and beta build testing (probably unwisely, but hey, I’ve got to live on the bleeding edge so as to find where the band-aids should go!).

OK, fixed it.

Why does it say Updated for Scrivener for Mac 2.5 and Windows 1.7.2?

My Windows version says - Is there a new Windows release to download?

There will be a bug fix release coming out soon. I just didn’t want to have to remember to change it later. :slight_smile: