Scrivener Project first created in IOS, how to sync?

Have looked for the answer to this question on this forum but could not find it addressed. I first created my Scrivener Project in IOS, but as described in the IOS Knowledge Base, "Each project you wish to sync must have been opened with the latest Scrivener version at least once before it can be opened on the iOS client. "
Since the project has never been on my PC, how do I get it there? I’ve tried to share it, but there is a bug that causes Scrivener to close on my iPad, right after the message “Creating Archive” is briefly shown.

I think if I could just get a copy from my iPad to my PC and into Scrivener, I could then set up a normal sync.
Any help would be appreciated!!



I think I found the answer under Tips for the First Time You Sync a Project. Basically, using iTunes I can copy the project directly into Scrivener’s “Dropbox” folder, within the app Documents folder. I’ll try this and see if I can solve the problem.

Have you configured Scrivener for iOS to use your Dropbox account? There would be a section in the list of projects with “Dropbox” in its title, versus the section labeled “On my iPad” (or iPhone if that’s your device).

Once you have the Dropbox section in the Projects list, tap Edit and then drag the project into that area, tap Done, and then sync.

Hi Rdale,
Thanks for the quick response. I have configured Scrivener for IOS to use the Dropbox account. My project is listed under Dropbox, and also the same project (earlier version) is listed under On My Ipad. I am opening and using only the Dropbox version, as the version that is On My Ipad is not updating (obviously, I think).
Am not really clear about this portion of your answer: “Once you have the Dropbox section in the Projects list, tap Edit and then drag the project into that area, tap Done, and then sync.”

I created a new Project on the iPad just to see if I could get drag it over to the Dropbox listing once edit was selected, but was unable to do so. I was, however, given the option to save new project either on the iPad or on Dropbox when I was first creating it. So am a little unsure about the “drag the project” ability. No worries, though, I did manage to get my original project onto Dropbox by using iTunes.

Thanks again. :smiley:

That’s odd; you should be able to tap the Edit button when you are viewing the projects list on iOS. The list of projects will then gain circles to the left of each project title, and a “drag symbol” (3 horizontal lines) to the right.

When you press and hold your finger on the “drag symbol” for a second, the row with that project title in it should change to a darker grey, and you can then drag your finger up the screen until the project title is in the “Dropbox” section instead of the “On my iPad” section. Lift your finger to “drop” it into that section. This same technique is how you rearrange binder items inside a project, and presumably how you rearrange index cards (I only have an iPhone, so I don’t get the cork board on my tiny screen).

Since you already did it the hard way, you probably don’t need to worry about it, but I would recommend removing the “on my iPad” duplicate so you don’t accidentally open it and think your more recent work has been lost.