Scrivener project opening nothing happens

Yesterday I was working on a certain scrivener project without any problems. It also saved correctly. Today I want to open it and nothing happens. Neither when I:
Double click on the project.scirv file
nor when I try to open the project from the scrivener start window.
Nothing happens! Not even an error message comes up.
Other projects open without any problems.
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
Scrivener Version: (1812589) 64-bit - 18 Oct 2022
What is going on?

The first thing I would do is go into File ▸ Options..., and under the General: Warnings tab, enable additional logging, then restart and try to load the project after it completes the startup process. That may show more information on what is going on.

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I’m having the same issue today. Yesterday I was working on my project with no problems. When I closed it as I normally do, it saved and closed as normal. Today I’ve tried starting it via the desktop icon, and directly on the executable with Admin privileges. No error messages and it does not open.

I don’t understand where I go to do “File - Options”. I’ll continue to try and figure this out.

I went to the Scrivner3.exe file, did a right click and looked at the Properties. The Read Only was set. I unchecked it and it removed “read only” from all the files in the folder Scrivner3. After a reboot the application started and loaded the my project. Despite working now, it gave me a pop up window about the license server not being accessible even though I was connected to the internet. I’m not sure that making the whole file readable is the correct thing to do, but at least I can work on my project now.