Scrivener project won't compress to zip or copy to USB!

I have a rather large project that contains a lot of folders, chapters and images. It’s currently 3.5 MB. I have it on my desktop Mac and I need to use it on my laptop, but it won’t copy to my USB drive – it gives me a “some data in [my project] can’t be read or written” Error -36.

I also can’t email it to myself, because it won’t zip! When I try to compress it to a zip archive, it starts, then hangs close to the end, permanently stuck at “5 seconds remaining.”

Is the file too big or corrupt? What’s the problem? Thanks for any help!!

Sounds like you might have a corrupted pdf file. 3.5 is not too big. People have ones much larger that work well.

Do you have any pdfs in your project? If so… I recommend you read this thread.

If not, perhaps someone else here has another suggestion.


That particular error often comes up if the drive you are copying to has problems. I’d try running Disk Utility on it and make sure it doesn’t have any errors.

When you tried to use the zip archive method, did you try saving it to your local hard drive first, and then copying it using the Finder?