Scrivener Projects Desynched/Split/Wrong?

I haven’t been attempting to use Scrivener on my PC, but recently (this evening) I updated it and then went to open up some projects and found that they are… not listed as Scrivener Projects and instead are their own folders, containing folders, and none of them contain my writing document(s).

I don’t have the technical where with all to know what this issue is called, and I wanted to attach an image but apparently the forum won’t let me.

For example, I have a project called Beyond Known Starts…

I go to my Documents → Writing → and see “Beyond Known Stars.scriv” (not the link to open the project, but a FOLDER)

Opening this folder I see the following folders within:

And… no project to be seen. No way to access my writing.

Is there a fix for this? What happened?

Help please!

How did the folder structure end up on your PC? I assume by the title of this thread, that you were synchronizing using some cloud sync software? Which one did you use, or did you download via a web browser?