Scrivener Projects not opening in Big Sur

I just updated to Big Sur a few days ago, and my Scrivener projects aren’t opening. The software itself isn’t crashing like I’ve seen in other posts on people having problems with the new MacOS update. Scrivener opens just fine, but when I try to open a file, nothing happens–it just sits there, as if I hadn’t clicked anything. Trying to open files from my local drive in Mac’s Finder doesn’t make a difference. It goes to the usual “project templates” opening screen, and then nothing.

If this has been addressed by another thread, I would appreciate a link to it so I can see if there’s any solution.

Make sure you’re using Scrivener 3.2.1, the latest version. – Katherine

Yes, I have the latest version, thanks. I always update to the new version when Scrivener notifies me of a new update.

The problem is resolved. I restarted my computer, and that seemed to fix whatever the issue was, although I’m still giving Apple some serious side-eye. After more experimentation, I found that no files in any apps were opening. At least it’s fixed now.

I upgraded to Big Sur and I can’t install any new templates.

I’m on Scrivener for Mac 3.2.1.

Any ideas?

In Scrivener’s preferences, please enable the option to Show internal error alerts under the General:Warnings pane, and then restart Scrivener. What happens when you try to import a template from the Project Templates panel? Does it open the file browser and allow you to select a .scrivtemplate file, but the template never appears in the template panel after importing? (Make sure to check under “All”.) Does it not even open the browser? If there’s an error message, please copy the text or share a screenshot of the message, as it may provide another clue.

Hi Jennifer

Everything is working fine.

It was semantic corruption on my part.

I conflated theme with template.


Merry Christmas!

Ah, great, I’m glad you’ve got it all sorted! Merry Christmas to you too. :slight_smile: