Scrivener Projects Not Opening

Heya, I’m having major trouble with Scrivener.

I cannot seem to open any projects or even create new ones.

I had trouble for a while with Scriv not opening so I uninstalled and reinstalled Scriv.

Now I can get Scriv to open with the New Project screen. However whenever I try to open a project by opening an existing project, creating a new project, or double clicking on the Scriv project icon nowt happens. It comes up with Scriv not responding for the 1st 2 and nowt happens with #3.

I’m using Win 10 Tech Preview.

Have you tried setting Scrivener to run in compatibility mode? I’ve seen a few cases where that works around an issue with a Windows update. You may be able to just set it to run in compatibility mode for Windows 10, but if that doesn’t help try setting it back to Win 8 or 7.

If that doesn’t help, try booting into Safe Mode or set msconfig to boot without startup items and give it a shot. If it works in this case, it’s probably another program conflicting with Scrivener, and you can start reenabling items to discover which one. From there it might be a matter of adjusting settings to get the two to play nice.