Scrivener Quick Start Tab not working?

I just started using scrivener and am attempting to follow the instructions to follow the ‘Quick Start’ tutorial. I believe I have followed the steps appropriately, but when I click on the second ‘binder’ tab, nothing happens.

So, In the Tutorial, I see one “Binder” tab. Then I click on “Collections” and a second “- Binder -” tab shows up, but I am not able to click on it. I’m guessing that is where the Quick Start tutorial would be, since I cannot find the quick start language anywhere.

I just downloaded the new update today.

What am I missing?

There should be three tabs, the “Quick Start”, “Binder” and “Search Results”.

Are you seeing something completely different from that? This is the result I get from a freshly created copy of the tutorial (you might try doing that yourself if yours looks different—just close it, then delete the “Tutorial.scriv” folder from wherever you saved it, and then in Scrivener create a new tutorial.

Thanks for responding.

I tried your suggestion and deleted the original tutorial and started a new one. I found the same response, that there is no Quick Start tab when I click the folder.

Hmm, it might be that for whatever reason the example tutorial, used to create the copy you work with, didn’t update correctly when the software did. I would try downloading the full installer from the main web page and do a quick uninstall-install cycle, creating a fresh new tutorial project after doing so.

I start as the Tutorial suggests by clicking on “Quick Start” tab. Thereafter, when I click on the “Collections” icon nothing happens. I can’t get back to seeing the entire set of tabs.