Scrivener randomly changed indent of every line

I got up this morning to continue working on my manuscript, and wasted all the time I had available trying to fix this problem. Suddenly, Scrivener decided that for the rest of my manuscript, when there is no more room on the the page, I want the next line to be indented. The issued started happening after I opened the file this morning, and I was in the middle of a paragraph. My ruler settings haven’t changed, and the indent is there whether I am in composition view or regular. Please help!

Could you include a screenshot with invisible characters enabled (Format/Options/ sub-menu) and your ruler settings visible, with a paragraph you consider to be correct vs. a paragraph you consider incorrect. If you need this to not be posted in public, feel free to use our support address, but be aware we’re on holiday for a few more days.

I’m a bit confused as you make reference to there being no more room on a page, but Scrivener doesn’t work in pages. The only thing that might match that description is Page View, which isn’t available in Composition Mode.

Problem solved, but thank you so much for the response. It seems to have been the rule settings after all. I highlighted the text and adjusted the ruler again, and that fixed it. My suspicion is that the marker for the left end of the line got moved, but only in my current scene. I hope this is helpful to someone else. I was in Scrivenings mode.