Scrivener randomly removes spaces upon compile

When i try to compile my work to a word document, scrivener randomly removes some spaces. Not all of them, maybe 10%. I could go through and fix them, but i’ve already done extensive editing and don’t want to risk a stupid typo getting through.

i’ve taken a screenshot of a particularly bad paragraph which i’ll attach. To the left is the scrivener page, and to the right is the word document it compiled, both at the same section. Its easy to see the errors in word because they’ve been underlined, and i’ve highlighted on the image file where they occur in scrivener. Like i said, it doesn’t remove every space, but it consistently removes around 10% of them, seemingly at random. I say seemingly, because if I compile the same pages again, the same spaces will be removed, so its obviously something about those spaces in particular which scrivener wants to remove.

Does it do this with every document you try to compile, or only specific ones? Were the files that this is happening to imported into Scrivener from another program?

You might try and convert the offending documents to your default style in Scrivener before trying to compile. If the documents came from somewhere else, it’s possible that some strange formatting hitchhiked along with them and is messing up the compile process.

Alternatively, you might have a corrupted installation and could then uninstall and reinstall Scrivener and see if the problem persists.

THANKS so much. it was from another program. they apparently use a different symbol for a space which scriviner removes upon compile. they’re identical in scriviner, even when set to show invisible symbols, but if copied and pasted in ms word, they appear different.

Hello there,
I am getting the same problem, but it is not imported work. When I try to compile to docx format I get the missing spaces exactly as you describe. Bringing up show invisibles in Scrivener confirms the spaces are there. The only way I can stop this is by compiling to doc format. Would like to know why.

That symbol is for a non-breaking space. I tried importing a test document created using one of these spaces, and I also get identical invisible symbols. Probably a bug that should be looked into.

Your problem is probably also due to a non-breaking space. In Scrivener, you create one with Ctrl-G, Ctrl-W. It inserts the space, but it still shows the same symbol as a regular space when you show invisibles.

Upon compiling, whether the non-breaking space was created within Scrivener or without, the space is deleted. This could be a very serious bug for some people highly invested in the visual formatting of their work.