Scrivener RC 9 HiDPI freezes when compiling markdown outline

I opened the tutorial, saved it as a project and wanted to see what happens when I compile the tutorial for Multimarkdown, using Markdown Outline as Format.

Turns out it will freeze at 98 % when compiling.

It can only be interrupted by killing scrivener.

I made screenshots but also can reproduce it.

It is a fresh install of RC 9 HiDPI (but not using the external 4K-Display, only the non-4k notebook-display). I am using it in dark mode.

I have pandoc 2.10.1 on my notebook, windows 10 pro, 2004, all patches are up to date.

I do not need this kind of export, so it does not really bother me. Just saying.

Best regards

I managed to reproduce this, however it seems specific to the tutorial (as well as Markdown Outline format, as the other formats compiled the tutorial without issue). It may be a specific document within the tutorial causing the issue.