Scrivener Read-Only Mode

I recall several threads suggesting the ability to make a project read-only, which were rejected as technically infeasible.

What about giving Scrivener a read-only mode?

I use two apps regularly which always open in read-only mode, and two or three others which allow the user to switch to read-only. In all these apps, read-only is a mode of the app, not a characteristic of the document.

The advantage of this, as l see it, is that this approach requires no change to the project format. It could be a feature added (or not!) to each platform / OS independently.

I have no notion of how difficult this might be to implement, nor of how it fits into L&L design philosophy. What say you?

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Ehat would be the point?

The reason given in those other threads is the ability to look at a completed project without disturbing it. I agree it’s desirable. Among other things, it might avoid the inevitable sync to iOS whenever I just peek at a project on Mac. I never joined in on those other threads because, well, I knew how impracticable it would be (given a Scrivener project’s internal structure) to make a project read-only. But giving Scrivener itself a read-only mode? So far at I know, it hasn’t been discussed.

So a recent thread regarding read-only projects, coupled with using Noteshelf 2 and OfficeSuite on iOS (both of which start read-only) prompted my suggestion. Maybe it’s as impractical as making a project read-only, but it can’t hurt to ask. :smiley:

Exactly. Imagine I open a completed project and inadvertently move a scene or type some character without realizing it. That could cause problems.

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Here’s a workaround that I use. I make a copy of the project, then give it a distinctive title, and change the colors of the status labels. Because it’s a copy, I won’t change the original and because of the distinctive colors and title, I’m less likely to make changes to the copy when I mean to make changes to the original.

It’s a kludgy workaround.