Scrivener Reader

I regularly exchange texts with other people. At the moment, I export pdf files for them to watch.
Have you thought about a “Scrivener Reader”, i.e. an application that is able to open Scrivener projects, but not write to them? This way I could just give the .scriv file away and other people can open it even if they don’t own Scrivener.


Hmm… Why don’t you just export the text or compile it so they can read it? That is sort of the whole point of Scrivener. A Scrivener reader would be a whole massive project in itself!
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The problem is: My colleagues need the whole project, i.e. all Scrivenings inside it. To export every Scrivening by hand is a huge task, which i’d have to do every day.
Unfortunately these folks don’t care for good software, so they won’t bother to buy Scrivener. In the worst case they’ll simply pirate it. I therefore have to export all Scrivenings for them to view :frowning: A reader would come handy in this matter.

I will try to compile the project every few hours, maybe they’re content with this. As far as I know there is no way to see that the files are created by Scrivener, is there?

Of course I can understand why another separate application would be hard to manage.

Are you picky about the details of which stuff to include/exclude/etc in “Compile Draft”? Otherwise, I don’t see how this could be massive task.

One thing that would be handy, I guess, is hierarchical checkboxes in “Compile Draft”. Being able to choose a folder to compile is cool and all, but choosing a folder to exclude would be cooler.

That’s the way I’m doing it now. I just compile the draft.
I hope this will work :slight_smile:
I first haven’t thought about this mthod, because I’m used to having readers available for all other applications I use (ie Sibelius and Capella).
Perhaps a reader will come in 3.0 :slight_smile:

Well, technically OSX already comes with a reader for Scrivener. It’s called TextEdit :wink:

Seriously, though, Export Draft can just as easily stand for ‘Export Working Draft’ as it can for ‘Export Final Manuscript’. It is, inside and outside Scrivener, just RTF text.

Try to think of all the tools in Scrivener as the writers toolbox that surrounds that text - since a ‘reader’ by its nature doesn’t include a toolbox, what’s left when you remove that is just the text :slight_smile:

I mean, this is just my opinion of course, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for a dedicated ‘Scrivener Reader’.

Yes, I got it :slight_smile:
As I said: I will export the draft every few hours. That should work.