Scrivener receives 4 1/2 mice in Macworld review!

Congratulations! Check out the review at: … /index.php

I would have given Scrivener at least 5 mice for the help it is providing me in structuring what was a (seemingly) hopeless dissertation project. I’m sure my committee would grant Keith an honorary PhD if they could for finding a way to get me writing!


Ha, ha, love the Cons! Here we all are begging for more features, and Macworld says the ‘number of customization options and range of features can be intimidating.’

Yeah, that’s a nice review. I see George the Flea has already left a comment pointing them to Avenir - it seems anywhere Scrivener gets mentioned he does that. :unamused:

Congratulations, Keith! But you could be wrong in stating that the majority of Scrivener users are fiction writers and screenwriters.

I think majority is definitely fair. Not “all”, but nearly certainly “majority”.

And thanks. :slight_smile:

Keith, that’s a great review and I also enjoyed your response, which was very courtly, even to old George the Flea. He’s a great enthusiast for Avenir and tends to snipe a bit at Scriv, but he admits he hasn’t used it much.

I’m using Scriv mainly as a writer, but as a long-time teacher of writing, I would use it in a minute to run classes in nonfiction, fiction, or screenplays. It’s the first software I’ve used that assists the entire writing cycle. The only limitation would be that it’s Mac-only, and at my school the students still use Pee Cees, but fewer of them each year.

People, I have a modest proposal, which can be summarized in one word:




And what an endorsement–Jason Snell (VP/Editorial Director of Macworld)finds Scrivener to be his favorite Mac writing tool.

As the writer of that Macworld review, I think I can safely and professionally say (now that the article’s published) that I think Scrivener’s fantastic. I’m still working on the novel I started for last year’s National Novel Writing Month, and Scrivener’s made that job a whole lot easier, and much more fun. And that target word count feature’s going to come in quite handy when next year’s challenge rolls around.

Also, on an entirely unprofessional note, I really dug the Farscape references in the help files.

Anyway, cheers, and thanks for making such a great piece of software.

Nathan Alderman

Hi Nathan,

Thanks again for the great review. :slight_smile: And always good to have another Farscape fan on board!

All the best,

Hang on, there are Farscape references in the help files?! Damn, every time I think I cannot love this app more…

Congrats on the mice, Keith. :slight_smile:

Hell yeah. :slight_smile: Take a look at the Views section - the bit about the QuickTime view. You might recognise someone in the image there…

In fact, such a geek am I that the QuickTime movie in that shot was one I created myself - a trailer I made on Windows about five or so years ago, back when I was mortified that FS was cancelled (even if Season 4 was pants): … iler11.mpg

The more I reflect upon it, the more I have to accept that I really am a geek. The cool thing about getting older is that I can almost live with it. :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s lovely. I’ll check out the files.

I’ve never needed help using Scrivener, which is in itself a testament to its awesomosity.

Hahaha! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I too have never really needed to check out the help files. Love that!!! Only it makes me miss Farscape all the more. Thank god for DVDs, but still…