Scrivener Redux

A little while ago I groaned on this forum about having to leave Scrivener (temporarily).
I’d finished my submission draft and needed to work with my editor who, of course,
works in the WORD world. The experience wasn’t quite as bad as I had feared.

Although WORD is clunky and cranky, with the occasional cute help thingy, periodic
beachball of death, and even the couple-a-times permanent freeze, I must say that
Track Changes works pretty well, even though it sometimes displayed my colors
as my editor’s colors and god-knows-who-else’s. (For the record, I also picked
up a macro virus, though it was pretty easy to clean up.)

BUT I didn’t realize how much I missed the Scriv till I recently had a little screenplay
to write (short film, not a feature) and decided to work in Scrivener.

Now I don’t have the screen experience of either the popcorn man or coffee cup guy,
but what a delight!!! Made me wanna write more screenplays just for the fun of
doing it in Scrivener.

Keith, you’ve made a miracle.

All the best,