Scrivener Reference-Friendly Paths To DevonThink Pro Entries

Hello All:

I’ve posted this the the Devon Forums, but it also seems like a germane query here:

"I’m writing a novel using a workflow that includes DevonThink Pro, DevonAgent, NoteShare, Scrivener and Nisus Express. (See it as a process of increasing distillation and honing.)

"Does each item tucked away in DevonThink Pro have the equivalent of a path? Scrivener allows me to link to information in other apps by creating reference links. This works well with NoteShare because each cell of an outline has a unique “URL” that Scrivener can use as a link. This mean I can jump to a single entry in a 100-page NoteShare outline from within Scrivener.

“I’d very much like to do the same thing in terms of Scrivener and DevonThink Pro. Is there a way of ascertaining the path to individual DT Pro items?”

Has anyone worked out a way to leverage DevonThink Pro entries with Scrivener reference capability?

Thanks in advance.

Whoa! Speed-of-Response seems to be much prized over at Devon! Here’s the currently final word on my query: Paths to DevonThink Pro entries are not currently available, but are planned.

Actually, it’s more complicated than that. Some files, notably PDFs, live in the DT Downloads directory inside the DT package. You can use the Reveal in Finder command to discover the path to those. Some files, notably the RTF files that DT itself creates, are hidden and cannot be seen from outside the application.

My solution to the problem is to export DT files that I want to use in Scrivener. Obviously this increases the amount of disk space required, but that hasn’t become an issue so far.


Thanks for the reply Katherine. I actually just posted a new topic about a work-around that address most files except for DT Pro created RTFs (a small price to pay for at least quasi-linking, though).