Scrivener remembering the last position in _every_ document


Hi Maria,

Methinks that would mean allocating the entire preferences file (.plist) to every document.

One is probably enough.



Like most programs, Scrivener uses the preferences file to store most information. The only exception is the last-selected section in each text (just because it is easier to store this locally, and you are more likely to want to retain this information).

Generally, Apple has set the precedent - and I think they were right to do this - that information about where you are in a document/project should generally be stored independently of the document/project itself. Xcode - the tool I use to write Scrivener - is an exception to this, and it is annoying. It even saves window size and position in the project file itself, which means that if I swap from my MacBook to my iBook, I suddenly have a window that is much too large. Of course, this would not apply to binder selection and so forth, but on the other hand, this all adds extra information to the project file.

So, whilst I understand why you are asking for this, I’m not sure that it is a good idea. And of course, it would take a lot of rewriting!

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Definitely agree. Tinderbox stores window position in the document itself, and this is a royal pain. At work I have two smaller monitors, and at home I have a 24". So it is possible to place a window too low at home, or if I forget and leave a window on the second monitor, when I bring it home it is quite an ordeal to get it opening back in a visible part of the screen. You have to go in an edit the XML file in multiple places. Ack.

If the window size thing is not a problem, though, it isn’t too hard to transport your Scrivener preferences between machines. Automator can make the task a single click before you leave type affair.