Scrivener removed by Microsoft when I refreshed PV

I recently refreshed my PC using Microsoft windows 10 . It removed my scrivener software, which I bought a few years ago. On my desktop, it displays the apps Microsoft removed. It is shown as," Scrivener - Literature and Latte Version 19160. I had no idea it would do this. Is there any way in which I can replace this software without purchasing it again. I have several project saved which are valuable to me, but cannot access without the software. Unfortunately, I don’t have any invoices saved to prove my purchase.
If anybody can help, I much appreciate it.

That looks like the older version of the software. You can download it again from our legacy download page.

As for upgrading to the modern version, you shouldn’t in most cases need to dig up your invoice as all you need is the serial number. The upgrade process will check to see when it was purchased, and offer a discount or free upgrade, depending on that.

If you for some reason misplaced your serial number, you can request it be sent to your original email address of purchase. And if that doesn’t work, you can always get in touch with tech support .