Scrivener Request: resizing of sidebar windows

I would like to be able to enlarge the windows in the right sidebar, specially the synopsis and the doc notes.

As it is now, only 6 lines of the synopsis are shown, that’s about the first 2 sentences and that’s it… :unamused:

Resizing of workspace components is such a basic feature available in most programs. Would be nice to have it in Scrivener too.

You can resize them - just drag the single dividing line around to do so.

Another user reported that the resize mechanism is different in, no longer showing the expected visual feedback.


AutoHotkey’s Window Spy shows there has indeed been a major change. The resize “handles” are visible across just one pixel, while resizing continues to function across a swath of 11 pixels, showing an arrow cursor for the outer ten.

So resizing does work, but this feature request/bug report is well founded in my view.

The windows can only be resized uniformly when dragging the vertical divider … which limits the size of the writable area.

Would be nice to be able to resizse also with just horizontal divider.