Scrivener Requires License Occasionally

Scrivener has asked me at least twice in the last three days to enter my license.

Hi, and welcome here. Please search this forum for similar reports and respond to one of the many existing threads on this topic. Helps to keep things cleaner.

Thank you for the response, I’ve done that to no avail and I’m not a rookie to the search engine.

Can you point to one of the many, please? Especially one that contains an answer or solution.

In this forum: [url=]
There are probably others. The key search terms include licens*, trial, activat*.

The basic issue is that last summer the license server that Scrivener was using unexpectedly went out of business. They had to scramble for a new one in a hurry, in the middle of programming the Windows v. 3 upgrade, and unfortunately the one they picked seems to have serious problems. I haven’t experienced this myself, because I have refused all updates past 1.9.9, so I haven’t paid close attention to the solutions.