Scrivener Reverts to Trial Version

This morning I shut down my computer to commute. Since Scrivener was open at the time, and had a project file open, my computer automatically quit it (and other applications), and I saw the “autosave” progress box. When I arrived, I turned on my computer, and Scrivener automatically reopened. I do this on a regular basis and have never had any problems until now.

However, this morning, I first saw a dialog box about a problem with eSellerate, probably due to minor permissions. There were two options, “fix” and “okay”; I clicked “fix” to be taken to the troubleshooting walkthrough. (The link was broken, but I was able to find it by searching the Literature and Latte home page.)

Meanwhile, Scrivener continued to start up, and presented me with this dialog box:

“Scrivener is unregistered! Scrivener is shareware and will stop working after 28 days of use unless you register.”

There are three buttons: “Buy Online,” “Enter License…” and “Try.”

I have gone through several of the steps here, but I am not having that exact problem, since I have had Scrivener installed, paid for, registered, and used problem-free since the end of 2011. I have verified that the “MindVision” folder does not exist in /Library/Application Support. I have verified that the “EWSMacCompress.tar.gz” file is in the correct subfolder of my home directory, and that the file was decompressed into the “EWSMac.framework” folder. However, that folder is not present in /Library/Frameworks. The actual executable file within my home directory subfolder is not in the first level of the EWSMac.framework folder, but in “EWSMac.framework/Versions/A.” (I don’t know if that’s relevant.)

Console doesn’t show anything unusual. When I search “Scrivener,” this is the only thing I see, from yesterday afternoon when I shut down the computer. After that shut down yesterday afternoon, I started the computer up both last night and this morning, and worked in Scrivener without any problems:

“9/9/13 3:54:04.610 PM ([0x0-0xa00a].com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2[182]) Exited: Killed: 9”

There are a couple of things I could try: I could copy the “EWSMac.framework” folder to /Library/Frameworks, or I could contact the person who bought me Scrivener as a gift in 2011, and see if they still have the serial number. However, I’m concerned that, since Scrivener currently “thinks” it’s the trial version, doing either of those things could result in the loss of my project files. They are backed up to an external hard drive as of yesterday, but I’d prefer not to have to try the restore if I can avoid it.

Currently, most of the dropdown menu options in Scrivener are greyed out, since the dialog box is still open. I can open project files by control-clicking on the icon in the Dock, but I can’t navigate within them or do anything in them. I also can’t quit and restart (unless I force-quit) to see if verifying and repairing permissions had any effect.

I am running Scrivener 2.2 on Mac 10.7.5. I have searched the forums and the wider Web for someone else having this problem (though I easily could have missed something); however, it looks like a fairly unique bug, that has baffled and concerned me.

The first thing I would recommend is getting your version of Scrivener up to date, as 2.2 is quite old at this point in time. This will also update the eSellerate module (and if there are permission issues that may fail but we have updated instructions for solving that if you run into further problems with it). Given the problems you’re experiencing with its operation, I would recommend downloading a fresh copy, rather than using the in-application updater.

I thought I had Scrivener set to check for automatic updates, but I guess not.

I downloaded and installed 2.4.1. That version opens with no problems and says it’s registered when I check under the “Scrivener” dropdown, though it did not ask me for my serial number. Interestingly, once I clicked “Try,” closed 2.2 (to install the new one), and reopened, it says it’s also registered. Now that I have the new one installed, I’ll delete 2.2.

Thanks! I’m glad it was a simple fix.

Whew! Glad that’s all it took.

Now, THAT is really scary! :open_mouth:
What were you expecting AmberV? :smiling_imp:

They mess with permissions.

Yeah, you should see the troubleshooting checklist for fixing permissions. :slight_smile: Fortunately most people don’t have to go through the whole thing, but suffice to say updating the OS and even just launching other programs can make a mess of things.