Scrivener rocks

I don’t need to list all of the reasons why it is wonderful, but one thing in particular that is great: when I am in fullscreen mode, scrivener doesnt try to take over the computer and black out everything–i can have windows up on my second monitor and see them and switch focus to them and scrivener doesnt exit full screen mode. this makes me a lot more productive.

long live scrivener!

That might actually be a glitch…?
Most of the “full-screen” writing programs I have only take up one monitor, and some of the developers say they’re going to fix this “bug” :laughing: .
I’d prefer it to dim both screens personally.

That’s most certainly not a glitch but intended behaviour. As I’ve said before, if you don’t need the other monitor, turn it off! Reduce that carbon footprint!
All the best,

But you know what they say about big carbon footprints…
(okay, not that funny).
I usually do turn off the other monitor, but not when my mac is being fickle about it. :blush: