Scrivener RTF and Sente

this is a tricky one and I don’t expect a solution right away. I am recently having trouble with Scrivener’s RTF output when piping it through Sente 6 in order to create a bibliography. The resulting RTF is either corrupt or just displays one paragraph instead of 300 pages. Might as well be a Sente problem. Has anybody experienced similar problems?

It is not really urgent as there is a work-around – namely to open the RTF in Word, save it as doc or docx and have Sente process this file.


Have you contacted the Sente guys? If the RTF is fine before it goes into Sente, then I definitely recommend sending them a sample RTF and asking them to look into it. Another check you can do is open the RTF file in Word and just hit Save (rather than Save As), so that Word saves its own RTF style. Then pass the Word RTF file through Sente. Do you see the same thing then, or does it only happen with Scrivener-generated RTFs? Either way, I definitely recommend getting in touch with Third Street and sending them a sample file. Even if it’s not a problem with Sente, they should be able to tell you what it is about your RTF file that is causing problems with Sente’s scanner, which will give us more to go on. Looking on Sente’s support site, it seems this sort of thing can happen if something strange happens in the middle of a citation, too, although I wouldn’t have thought that would be limited to RTF.

Let me know what the guys at Sente say.