Scrivener Running on Win 10 ARM 64 Insider Preview

In case anyone is interested, I have Scrivener V3 Win running on a MacBook Air M1 using Parallels 16.5 and Win 10 ARM 64 Insider Preview.

Win 10 runs better under Parallels/ARM than it does on Parallels on my top spec 16" MBP, and the Win 10 desktop.

I’ve only run Scrivener with the tutorial and a new test project thus far but works a treat.

Cheeky follow up question for Keith.

Now that WinArm 64 is up and running on the best ARM computer, will you do a native ARM version of V3 Windows? (has to be a greater potential $ than Android 8) )

I should add, while I mentioned the best ARM computer (Mac) tongue-in-cheek, I’m assuming there will soon be a wide range of quality ARM Windows 64 devices hitting the market. (I’m not referring to the very ordinary and expensive MS ARM Surface)

If they handle emulation half as well as the Mac M1 with a VM, it will be a great market. Native apps would positively fly. (Chromebook be worried).

Just updating this.

Finally decided to get around to paying for the upgrade. Did it on this machine (the M1). The upgrade and purchase via the app failed with Paddle unresponsive.

Worked a treat in Edge browser.

So, after 3+ years for free Win V3 I’ve finally unlocked the wallet and paid for it. With the generous discount (purchased V1 long ago) it was as painless as opening a Yorkshireman’s wallet can be.

And yes, it still runs FANTASTIC on a MacBook Air M1, Parallels and WinArm64.