Scrivener Saved Me

I have been using beta Scrivener for just under four weeks. I have 1.3
I am thrilled to be able to use Scrivener.

I have written about 15,000 new words in two projects. Many more words than in the previous six months. (I am a slow typer) I was ready to give up on writing because the writing software I was using was so complicated and labour intensive. Trying to learn and then use the software distracted me from writing.

Scrivener for Windows saved me. A few quirks aside, Scrivener 1.3 works extremely well for me. It is been so easy to learn and use. Sometimes, I feel bad because I don’t have anything to complain about. I consider myself fortunate that Scrivener is working so well.

Now that I have set up my current projects in Scrivener, I can pop into Scrivener, write a bit and pop out. It is so easy to use. I have the makings of a number of other projects in Scrivener as well.

I can use Scrivener on my desktop, laptop, and netbook with relative ease.

Yesterday, I was working away in Scrivener when the power grid failed. After the power came back on, I opened Scrivener. It came back to my current project as if nothing happened. I might have lost a word or two.

Thanks so much to Lee and the Scrivener team. Keep up the good work.

That’s awesome to hear, thanks!