Scrivener saying project does not exist, won't open backup


I flew back home for Christmas yesterday. I will be here a week, so night before last I made sure all my Scrivener files were synced to Dropbox, stopped updating the computer versions, made sure the tablet updated, and that all projects opened okay on the tablet.

During my layover yesterday, I tried to open the three projects I keep open at all times - my daily writing, my story bible, and my series bible.

Scrivener opened the daily writing project, but said the other two did not exist. Later, trying to open them opened the daily writing project.


I tried to open the backups, but no luck. It’s not a memory issue - my tablet is about “half full.”

My computer at home is shut down, so I guess when I get back I can turn it on with no wifi and make copies of both projects to save all the info, but what the heck happened?? Why won’t the backup open?

I guess I’m not TOO worried about this right now, since I had to recover a project a few months ago from my almost dead laptop after I accidentally deleted 300k words and Dropbox updated it (not sure I like the cloud right now), but I really kind of needed both of those projects this week to get a decent amount of writing done. Sigh.

Could you share a screenshot of the error message you’re getting when trying to open the backup? That would probably help us figure out how to resolve this. What steps are you taking when opening the backups (are they zipped?), e.g. do you copy them out of your backup folder in Dropbox onto your Desktop and then extract the project also to the Desktop and open it, or is your active project saved directly in Dropbox and you’re accessing that, rather than a backup copy? (Sorry for the confusion–it sounds like you might have tried both of these, but I’m not entirely clear on that or which messages you’re getting when.)

I don’t think you need to worry about the projects overall; even if the sync didn’t get to your travel machine, it seems likely that everything is fine on the original, and as for Dropbox overwriting stuff, it does keep deleted and older versions of files for 30 days, so often you can still dig your stuff out of their history and piece everything back together.

I tried both, then I gave up and wrote all the scenes that came to me in the memo pad on my phone. Now I’m home and compiling ALL of my projects to Word files (I should probably do them as text files, too, just to be paranoid - er, safe) and will probably do that once a month from now on. I’m also trying to remember how I created the new project last time so I can do it again. I can’t remember if I just renamed it or if I created a new one and copied and pasted everything, which seems like a HUGE amount of time, since the compiled version was 2212 pages, and my flight Tuesday was canceled so I just got home today and now have only two days to pack before heading to Milwaukee… argh.