Scrivener & Scapple

I would like both programs Scrivener ans Scapple work together.

They do.


• You can drag notes from Scapple into Scrivener’s binder.
• You can drag notes from Scapple into Scrivener’s freeform corkboard.
• You can drag cards from Scrivener’s freeform corkboard into Scapple.
• You can drag a .scap file into Scrivener and preview it in Scrivener because Scrivener uses Quick Look previews, and use Open in External Editor to open that file in Scapple again.

Much of this explained in the “Please read” post in the Scapple beta testing forum, which is recommended reading for beta-testers.


Except for that whole thing about Scrapple only working on MAC.

You mean in the Scapple for Mac OS X forum?ScappleSysRecs.png :slight_smile:
Sorry to have disappointed you, though!

Touche. :mrgreen:

I came across the post via search.
The OP had his OS listed as Windows.
And there isn’t a way to be able to tell from the forum breadcrumb which OS this wishlist is for.

It just says:

Board index < Scrivener < Wish List

Excellent point. :slight_smile: I think we just assumed the OP’s wish was brought about by using Scapple (and Scrivener) on a Mac. But perhaps the wish is really for a Windows version of Scapple (so as to work with Scrivener on Windows)–in which case, the relevant thread is here in the Scapple forum.