Scrivener --> Scrivener Gold

I use the full version of Scrivener in an editorial/publishing setting. Most often, my production people see only the resulting manuscript in Word. However, I am working an a huge project and would like to preview the Scrivener work to another editor. If I would create a backup of my project, would someone else be able to open it up in Scrivener Gold? What would be missing, if anything? Do you have any warnings or advice in this regard?


The license is very generous: I keep copies on two machines, but for sharing with others, I just export to Word and ship it off. If others revise the Word files, Scrivener imports them as RTF files.

I’m pretty sure it won’t open in Scrivener Gold at all.

No, I’m afraid as Scrivener Gold is really just an old unsupported beta, newer versions of Scrivener project cannot be opened in Scrivener Gold as there are new features that are not supported in SG. Scrivener Gold projects can be opened in Scrivener 1.x, just not the other way around.

Export it UNFORMATED to “Print”. In the Print Dialog box Save As a PDF. Send the PDF to your friend and he/she can preview it on any platform.